Brake Replacement Phoenix

Brake Replacement

Brake Replacement Phoenix

Brake service and replacement is an obvious necessity for any vehicle. Having such a major impact on your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road, it is not something to neglect. Dick’s Ace Auto Repair has more than 35 years’ experience offering brake replacement Phoenix relies on for quality.

Signs your vehicle needs brake replacement or service:

  • The brakes feel like they are slipping while braking
  • You notice a grinding or grumbling sound when you brake
  • There is a high-pitched squeak or squealing sound while braking
  • The car shimmies when you brake

  • There is a vibration in the steering wheel when you brake
  • The brake pedal is overly firm or more lax than normal
  • It takes more time/distance to come to a full stop
  • Your car veers to one side or the other while braking
  • You have driven more than 5,000 miles since you last had your brakes serviced

Brake Replacement Phoenix Can Rely On

Our trusted technicians do a thorough, multi-point brake inspection of your entire brake system when you come to us for brake service. After our inspection, we offer a written report of what we find and discuss this with you before doing any work. We will never suggest more services or repairs than you need, and we wait for you approval to do any work.

A brake replacement often entails a simple changing of your brake pads. However, if there is anything else wearing out in your brake system, we will find it and let you know. Letting your brakes go too long without service is not only dangerous, it can lead to more extensive repairs. If you notice any of the above warning signs or it has just been a while since you have had your brakes serviced in Phoenix, bring your vehicle into us and we will keep your braking system in good shape.

Contact our professionals for the brake replacement Phoenix trusts for quality every time.

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