Clutch Replacement Phoenix

Clutch Replacement

Clutch Replacement Phoenix

The clutch on a vehicle can only last for so long. You may begin to feel a slipping of gears or your vehicle may experience difficulty going into gear. These types of warning signs mean you need service, repair, or replacement for your clutch. Transmission work requires skillful knowledge and experience. Dick’s Ace Auto Repair has offered clutch replacement Phoenix has relied on since 1981!

Putting off a clutch replacement for too long can become dangerous. At times, a full replacement may not be necessary. You may only need a minor repair, for something such as a leak in the master cylinder, however, if no diagnosis or repair is made, it will eventually lead to a larger problem.

Our clutch replacement technicians have the expertise to diagnose your clutch problem and make suggestions on for either a repair or replacement. We will steer you toward the best solution for your vehicle, but will never make suggestions for more than your car needs.

What are the signs you may need a clutch replacement?

The clutch is not a car part that comes with a suggestion for when it should be replaced. It will differ depending on how much use it gets and how each driver puts wear on it. Eventually, all clutches will wear out and need a replacement. Here are some signs that your vehicle may need a clutch replacement.

  • The clutch takes more time to engage when you let it out
  • It is difficult to put the car in certain gears, especially first or reverse
  • Your vehicle slips out of gear while driving
  • You notice a burning smell after shifting
  • You hear a grinding sound when shifting

Clutch Replacement Phoenix Relies On

With over three decades of serving the Phoenix area, we are a trusted source of car repair. You can count on us to accurately diagnose your clutch repair issue and offer upfront, transparent cost estimates. We are dedicated to quality in the services we offer and in customer care.

Contact us today for clutch replacement Phoenix can count on.

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