Engine Diagnostics Test Phoenix

Engine Diagnostics Test

Engine Diagnostics Test Phoenix

Engine diagnostics today involve both advanced technology and good, old-fashioned know-how. Newer vehicles come with computer systems that need technology to read their error reports while older vehicles may have limited, or no car computer at all. Dick’s Ace Auto Repair has both the latest technology to pull diagnostics off any make or model car, as well as highly-skilled technicians with the expertise to diagnose engine problems through a hands-on, visual inspection. That is why we are a go-to name for an engine diagnostic test Phoenix counts on for reliable results.

Engine Diagnostics Test Phoenix Trusts

Often a check engine light is the first signal you have that a problem is forming in your car. While it may be tempting to wait and see if the light goes off on its own, it is best to bring it in for an engine diagnostics test right away. These warnings are set up to take place the moment something begins to be a problem, catching it early may mean fixing the problem before it becomes a costly repair. In older vehicles, things may already be getting to the dangerous point when a dashboard light comes on. Either way, it is important to bring the vehicle in before it becomes a danger and/or a more costly problem.

An engine diagnostic test includes:

  • A scan of your on-board computer
  • A visual inspection of the area indicated by the diagnostic report
  • Inspection of electronic components
  • Inspection of sensors and solenoids
  • A written report of our engine diagnostic test
  • A clear, honest estimate for suggested repairs

As a locally-owned business servicing Phoenix since 1981, we are a trusted source for car repair. You can count on us for honesty and accuracy in engine diagnostics.

Contact us today for the engine diagnostics test Phoenix relies on for accurate, straightforward answers.

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